Let me rephrase this--help please


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Does anyone have any idea where I can get a kickstart lever or what a feasible replacement lever might be. Alternatively I could use just the splined bit, I can weld and replate the lever I have.


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Kick start

Hello, I think the spline on the comet Kick start is the same. Regards John.


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If you already have a lever then it is possible to have it repaired/re-splined.



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kickstart lever

Its just worth a try at this number in England.Sheffield British Motorcycles were a couple of years ago going to make some levers for the Burman Gearbox
he may or may not have done that. John Phelan 01246 290021 its worth a try.

Comet Rider

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Hi Ponobill,

Sammy Miller makes a range of after-market kickstarts to fit the Burman gearbox, as used on the Comet. I'm not sure of compatability, but have a quick look at my Comet.



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Hugo Myatt

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The VOC Spares Co. sell a non-folding kickstart lever a la Series A. to fit C Comet.
Vin-Parts Int. (i.e. Ron and Russ Kemp) sold me a very nice C Comet style kickstart lever not long ago. I think they still stock them.

Graham Smith

If Russell at VinParts doesn't have any of the 'real' ones, I doubt you'll get one anywhere.

As far as I'm aware, he's the one who gets them made for all the suppliers.