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Let me introduce myself and ask a question


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VOC Member
Hello everyone.
My name is Pierpaolo Cavallo, I am a doctor and live in Salerno, Italy; I have just joined the Forum and the V.O.C.

I have a small collection of classic motorcycles, and I am thinking about adding to my garage a British Classic.

And which British more Classic than a Vincent? :cool:

I have, obviously, a budget limit, and I don't want to bite off more than I can chew, so my goal, at the moment, could be a Comet.

Would someone, please, give me opinions and suggestions? :confused:

I have joined the V.O.C. as a member, but I don't know when and how I will be enabled to enter the member-only area.
Can I have, please, some instructions on the matter?

Thanks to all of you; I'm really happy to be here. :)


Tom Gaynor

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Good choice for a medical man: the Scottish section has a member in Lewis (a long way from nowhere on the NW coast) who 1) is also a doctor and 2) has a Comet.

John Appleton

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VOC Member
Hello and welcome Pierpaolo, joining the VOC is a very good choice, and wanting a Comet is another excellent choice. I am sure you are about to get lots of good advice from many other members, but the best advice I can give is for you to make contact with Giovanni, the Italian section organiser. Look out for my private message to you.

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Tracey Tilley

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VOC Member
Hi Pierpaolo,
You are not in the members database yet. How long ago did you send for membership?

As soon as you appear in the database, I can upgrade you.



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@Tom: thank you, I have always supposed that medicine and Comets were a good combination...
@ John: I am already in touch with Giovanni, and I hope I will soon take a couple of days off duty to go to Milan to see his collection
@ Tracey: I applied on monday morning, and paid by credit card

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