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ET: Engine (Twin) Left Hand Kickstart Fitment


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My friend who purchased my old shadow racer wants to fit a left hand kickstart so that he can fit the 2" pipes that ?I let him have. He has the parts to do the job but I am concerned that oil will escape from the primary chaincase past the bush to the outside and also along the shaft to the gearbox cover side. I normally put corks in the cross hole of my normal RH kickstart bike to prevent any leakage. The question is, does anyone have experience of the LH kickstart installation with regard to leaks or any other problems.
Regards Richard.


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One of our section members, Pat Bradley, has a Jet 80 sidecar fitted to his Rapide. He has a left hand kickstart fitted and doesn't seem to have any problems with oil getting where he doesn't want or need it. He's never mentioned the need to fit anything special to prevent it either.


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A simple o-ring would do , either in a small recess in the bush, from outside machined, or just a chamfer and a suitable o-ring in it. The shaft has to be smooth anyway.


Little Honda

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Agewise, my friend´s Shadow outfit was fitted an electric starter, which proved unreliable. So, we fitted a left hand kickstart lever. I found out, that I was unable to kickstart her, as I did not reach enough force down.
Contrary to my NORVIN with regular kickstart, which I start mostly first or second kick.
Moreover, a sidecar outfit sits deeper in its springs due to higher weight, thus letting you kick the ground if
you move down full force. This may be quite painful for several days.
At the end, we lifted the outfit on its Dave HIlls mainstand, to achieve enough ground clearance to start her up. But, if you are a lightweight and your magneto is just operative, higher friction avoids an easy start-up
with lh kickstart. More important than electric start is on the spot ignition timing, best: double ignition and
an engine in good nick.

Marcus Bowden

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L.H.K.S. fitted about the eighties LH c/case recessed to below b/box and cast iron bush machined up with "O" ring groove/recess to fit when the LH plug is removed from the inside select two suitable "O" and machine an aluminium tube between the two "O"s' the trial and error in getting it right pays off as I've never had them leak. Now on 3rd LH shaft as the originals twisted and bent at the ends and had to be cut (destroyed) 1990 & 2010 B/E replacement to get cases apart. Professor Neville H came to my rescue and had made two spare with Swedish steel double splines ( sorry Frank serrations) so I can fit a LH & RH cranks if I like.

greg brillus

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Stereo kickstart cranks, now how many bikes can you do that with........... The two Phil's must have been on to something there.............. :)