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A couple of years ago i converted the rear lights on my comet to one of these led boards that are advertised in mph. Anyway i went for the mot last week and the back light didnt work. It turns out the unit has blown/isnt working. I thought these boards had a long life and i am concerned i might have done something to cause this. Has anybody had a similar experience.
In a sense i am my own worst enemy as i do take the p*** out of people who come to the bar and are having problems with the computer on their bikes when if i had left well alone all i would have had to do would be to change the bulb



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Hi Mick
I found the best compromise was to use one of Mr Goffe's L.ED. replcement bulbs. That way if it fails you can always go back to an ordinary bulb.

Tnecniv Edipar

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I haven't seen the specific LED unit mentioned but if it has multiple LED's I doubt they would have all failed simultaneously. Could be something as simple as a broken internal connection or there may be a series resistor that could have failed.