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LED lights


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Non-VOC Member
My bike has no lights and a daylight MOT because I don't want the aggro of "old" electrics and maintaining a lead acid battery to prevent deterioration.
I keep seeing these astonishingly bright LED lights fitted to bicycles and I can't help thinking that they would assist me greatly on our typically dull / dark UK summer evenings when I want to be out & about.

I am looking for front & rear lights powered by a rechargable battery (that lasts a sensible time) that I can mount on simple brackets. Someone told me that they had such a system (Smart) and it had a main beam & dip facility. I seem to remember that Hope do good lights too.

I can't believe that someone out there hasn't already jumped through the hoops so all suggestions invited please:confused:

roy the mechanic

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VOC Member
if you have a "daytime " mot you have no legal entitlement to any sort of lighting equipment! check-out the regulations , you Will get your "collar felt" if you fit the fabled bobby dodgers! be careful on this dodgy scheme.

Alan J

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VOC Member
You may be right, Roy about the legal niceties, my old B.S.A. has no official lights-says nothing on my M.O.T. about them? But I have fitted some L.E.D.s which I can use if the weather turns wet or "iffy". If you have non conforming lights on in what is technically "daylight" It would be a miserable constable to actually charge you! I reckon it would be quite a legal minefield! Those American "lights look interesting"-to compare "lumens" to "watts" is , I believe quite complicated! I expected to be "blinded with science" on this topic!


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VOC Member
Like you say Alan, a legal nightmare. An aquaintance was nicked for driving a car with sidelights on in bad weather. The cop said that by putting the sidelights on he had decided the visibility was poor, and that in poor visibility he should have dipped headlights. If he'd had no lights on he could have argued that he didn't consider the visibility to be poor enough.

By putting any lights on you may be breaking some law when riding a bike not MoTd for "poor visibility". I don't know - just a thought.

"Miserable Constable" wasn't the description I heard, although one of the words is close.

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