Lead Free Head


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With the heads of the Shadow at the moment, I had wondered about taking the opportunity to have a lead free seats put in.

Would anyone recommend this, and if so, who could do it and for how much (very approximately)?




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I gave my head to Len Matthews in Clacton and he got this done for me. It cost about £80 for seats and guides 4 years ago..John


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I recommend it unreservedly. There has been a load of bull in MPH over the fact that this is not needed. It depends on how you use your bike! If you regularly cruise at 75 to 80 then you will find that your seats wear. If on the other hand you potter around at 50 then they might not. Bill Turner, who 'commutes' on his 'D' Shadow between Hove and Liverpool had his seat down to less than half the original thickness before he replaced them. I found that I had to slacken off the tappets twice in one year when I was using Millers lead replacement and octane booster. As for who to do it; why not do it yourself? I know of two cases where professional jobs had a seat drop in shortly after the work had been done. Learn how to do it and you will feel a better person for having developed a new skill. If I can do it, anyone can do it. :)