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Lathe Electronic Rev Counter

brian gains

Well Known and Active Website User
VOC Member
OK , so not thought this one through completely but having had a lathe adapted to single phase motor with VFC module I'm having testing time getting to grips with running at desirable defined rev's.

Q: could I fit a motorcycle electronic rev' counter and sensor to better ascertain cutting speed, or have I overlooked a howling flaw in my reasoning.

Comet Rider

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VOC Member
A much easier way would be to find an optical tacho, as used by modellers to measure prop speed.
I have one from my old racing days and it's very accurate.
Looking on Google shows them to be as cheap as £15

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VOC Member
Check out the model engineering forums. You can buy a cheap electronic tachometer, not a rev counter, from China for peanuts. Just a matter of fixing magnet and pickup.


Well Known and Active Website User
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VOC Forum Moderator
You can also use a cheap cycle speedometer. I've done this on my Boxford lathe. If you put a search in Google for "cycle speedo for lathe tachometer" you will get lots of results. They have their own battery so you don't have to hook up a power supply. An example at the link below:-

Cycle Speedo Lathe Tacho Example

Bill Cannon

Well Known and Active Website User
VOC Member
That's great thanks. I posted years ago about the idea of using a cycle speedo as a rev counter, this is perfect!

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