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Look back to 1990. The biggest downer in cars was the 4.2 E Type. They made thousands of them!! Unless you have a Series 1 flat floor or something with genuine history it is a fragile investment. I know someone who has bought and sold a few with a canny mind and his next one will cost him nothing.

Bill Thomas

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Here's a new one on me - Part K16a, a box with grease to recharge your K16 grease gun.


I had a look at my parts book, plate MO33. There is no K16a. I bet this one does not have original Vincent-supplied grease in it....
If you look at his other stuff, He has the same tins with BSA Triumph etc, Nice touch, If cheap enough !.
Cheers Bill.


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Wow, asking $US199 for a nos 40 year old tyre. the direct equivalent of an Avon SM.

I've got a pair of v low mileage Dunlop TT100, 3.60 and 4.10 x 19", 1983 vintage. Any offers over $200? Shipping extra, of course.



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He's from Wisconsin and he has some nasty negative feedback....
Peter B
To be fair Peter, if you have feedback of 8,000 + you would expect 10 or so negatives due to expectation of buying something fantastic for a penny. Even I have had that; yes, I know. Some people still expect to receive something for nothing and often they do not read the entire advert. I once sold a handful of "Ewarts Style Taps" and the guy complained they were not all Ewarts brand.

chankly bore

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Non-VOC Member
If anyone feels like killing themselves here are some NOS tyres. He says they've been on the shelf for 40 years like it's a good thing!! I suppose they're okay for a show pony but somebody might actually buy them to ride on.

It's probably just an honest oversight: his username is "sixharleys" so he wouldn't be acquainted with the problems of acceleration, braking or leaning from the vertical plane.

peter holmes

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VOC Member
Just seen a rather nice Vincent dual seat for sale on eBay, apparently the seat base has been French Polished, I have never won a concours competition, although I did once win "the bike most people would like to ride home" perversely that was at a small, local, Velocette meeting. I am just starting to wonder if this is the reason why, you cannot see that much wood, what with the seat covering, bracketry and tool tray etc. but I suppose it could just sway the judges.


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You are right, in this rarefied atmosphere of unreality, soon to disappear of course, even the 'Emperors New Clothes'... start to look good to some.

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