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knee replacements


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I should be getting one of the above this year. What's going through my mind at the moment is the likelihood of not being able to bend the knee afterwards sufficiently to sit on my Comet and indeed when the right one is done whether it's wise to kick start a bike.
I'm sure this has confronted a few of our members before now.
Can anybody comment on these potential problems? How easy is it to get the Comet converted to electric start if necessary?




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Ah the elusive Comet Electric start...
So many reports
Never a finished product -at least not advertised
Perhaps we should pinch one off a Gold Star they are well advertised


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Fret not..I have several friends who have had their knees done ( none of them Vincent owners..) and they all seem to be just fine..Do your physio after the operation-dont stint on it.


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Make sure the surgeon uses the cold water knee wraps after surgery to minimise swelling. Check with surgeon the replacement part is suitable for digging a spade into clay (for God's sake don't mention the motorcycle). Although I have now trained 2 orthopaedic surgeons to ride a motorbike I wouldn't bet all are amenable to such pursuits. Plenty of physio using hydrotherapy and light exercise bike.

Little Honda

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Hello, Dave,
you might also consider to reduce compression, to enlighten kickstarting. A friend of mine with a Moto Guzzi Falcone with a sidecar fitted always amuses spectators at rallies, when starting it easily by hand. And it does 70 with the chair - so not hot air only! There is also a video at youtube, of a young indian
beauty, starting her RE Bullet by hand! (Don´t have its adress available, sorry, but it´s elsewhere on this forum under "unbelievable")
Good Luck!
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