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Kin Knackered

John Cone

Well Known and Active Forum Website User
VOC Member
Decided to use the Prince for work lastnight for work. knocked off at around 3.45am, a bit on the foggy side and freezng cold. I had to ride with visor up that made the glasses mist up visability near zero doing about 60/65 and a mile & half from home when in the middle of nowhere she cut out and the lights went out. All I could do was hold the bars straight and hope the road didn't bend until I had stopped. By the time I pushed it home I wasn't any longer cold and the heart beat was bouncing around the inside of the helmet. Fixed a broken battery terminal to rectify the problem once home. PS using the car tonight .


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VOC Member
The good new is that if it doesn't kill you then it makes a man of you. You will have muscles in places you had forgotten about.


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VOC Member
I don't envy the push up the high street, it doesn't look steep but it is uphill..John
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