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Kim Newcombe Konig


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Konig to me is a bloody, screaming loud, way too fast, 2 stroke racing boat engine. Pre WW2 My Dad raced Hydroplane Boats, so in about 1961 or, 62 being an invincible, stupid 18 year old, I decided that racing Boats was for me. Somehow, Dad got me hooked up with a guy named Tommy Gentry who had a 225 cu. in. Class Cracker Box Race Boat. From what I remember, it had a Studebaker 224 cu. in. engine, 10 to one compression an Iscenderian cam and four Stromberg carburators.. Have You ever gone a hundred miles an hour in a Boat? Me neither....(Chicken Wrist!!) I've never been so scared in my life! I've done almost a hundred miles faster on a bike, but a Boat is flat, bloody scary!
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