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Kickstart stop Plunger G97


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Just rebuilding the gearbox cover. Is the spring G92 meant to go over the brass spigot on G98 moving up to so the end touches the alloy of the cover edge, so in effect there's only about 1/4" movement on the plunger G97? This is how it ends up on mine after a few operations of the kickstart. Or is the spring meant to always abut the end of the spigot on G98, resulting in perhaps 3/4" of movement and so more slowing down time for the kickstart. Perhaps the end of my spring has worn? Or should there be a collar here to stop it moving on.
Any views from someone more experienced on this than me?

chankly bore

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G92 is 8 turns of S.W.G. 12 (.104"), length new about 1 9/16". On the new G98 I have just inspected there appears to be a "stop" diameter which prevents the plunger bottoming out on its broad face. The local Section Spares Scheme has always carried a casting pattern to weld repair the bottom of the Gearbox cover after damage by brute force, ignorance and lack of maintenance. The spring should fit over the unthreaded brass portion and have an o.d. of roughly .620". Hope this helps!
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