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kickstart ratchet slipping rapide


Forum Website User
Non-VOC Member
im new to this forum on a recent runnout to the ace cafe on my comet/rapide cross ,the starter motor drive sprocket shered its locating pin , no big deal ,however upon trying to use the kickstarter i noticed the lever ratchet missing occasionaly ,progressively this got worse resulting in an embarrasing bump start ,suspecting broken teeth on the kick start ratchet {seies c twin}i removed gearbox cover ,nothing amiss , noticing a worn bush on the mainshaft kickstart ratchet i replaced this ,this improved matters but problem has come back , i can see that it is the actual teeth on the corresponding kickstart ratchet that are comming out of mesh when under load , ive tried adding shims and had cover off 20 times but problem still persists ,if any one can throw some suggestions at me i would be truly gratefull ,many thanks dean

greg brillus

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VOC Member
Hi there, check and make sure the fine ratchet spring # G48 is strong enough to push the kickstart ratchet gear # G46 outward towards the outer ratchet that is in the middle of the large outer starter sprag clutch. Also make sure that the seal ( usually green in colour ) around the outer edge of the sprag clutch ratchet is not holding the inner ratchet away thereby not allowing the kickstart ratchet to mesh fully with the sprag clutch. Check to make sure both halves of the sprag clutch are together fully by rotating each half in opposite directions in your hands, till the centre ratchet is through the green seal correctly.....be careful that the sharp teeth do not damage the seal as it comes through it....cheers....Greg.

Jim Richardson

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VOC Member
Mine was slipping occasionally, I changed the bushes but it was still the same, in the end I replaced the ratchet gear, which didn't looked ok until compared to a new one, hasn't slipped since.
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