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kickstart levers


Well Known and Active Forum Website User
VOC Member
Has anyone ever fitted a longer kick start lever to a Comet for easier starting and if so, where was it obtaind from and was it successful.:(

Comet Rider

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VOC Member

Hi Derek,
I use a folding K/S lever obtained from Sammy Miller, which is approx 1.5" longer than standard, and has the advantage of folding at the bottom. They have 2 versions available, which vary how far out the foot bar sits.
Cost a few years ago was £85 GBP



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Eating 3 Shredded Wheat could be cheaper!:)

I was going to be flippant and suggest 8 pints a night as a more pleasureable alternative, but at £2.75 a pint I think a new kickstart is the cheaper option, and that's not allowing for new larger riding gear and higher petrol consumption.


Don Morris

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VOC Member
For some five years I've used the bottom end of a burman kickstart welded to the top end of a Triumph one.

Both kickstarts were sawn off somewhere in the middle, I made a little jig to get them to align correctly, and then joined them together giving me a longer kickstart, with a folding pedal piece.

The join was a scarf joint, ie cut at an angle, to give more metal to weld.
The welding was done by a coded welder from the petro/chem industries.

It does need to welded by an expert welder, not someone used to welding up car bodies! It has been a total success so far. I believe that the Series A section organiser has done something similar.

Black Flash

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VOC Member
I also made a k/s myself, using the eye of an standard non folding Burman welded to an early CB 750 Honda k/s bought from ebay for 9 GBP.
the drawback is the looks, as the Honda one is very straight and looks a bit modern.
the good thing is, it folds next to the gearbox and is completely out of the way, not like the Burman one where only the peg folds.
Also it is longer for easier starting. I mig welded it myself, no problem what so ever, but you need a good mig welder with at least 300 amps on full power.
Welding with electric arc and rod ( the bird shit style) is a no go unless you do it professionally and can handle this ( I cant).

If you want a pic, pm me.

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