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Kickstart cover.

Mark Fraser

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Non-VOC Member
I have an original kickstart cover with the bottom corner broken off. I have a new repro cover but would prefer to use the original. I could have the bottom corner cut off the repro and welded onto the original. Any recommendations for someone that would be competent in carrying out this task?



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At the moment you have one u/s one and one good one. If you go down the route you propose you will still have one good one and one u/s one. Why not get a bit of solid ali milled to approximately the correct shape and then get that welded on and fettle it by hand so that it looks like it should? The down side is that if you have to pay the full commercial price for this it will probably cost the same as the new cover you already have. A pint or two to a chum with a mill is likely to be the cheapest route. As for the welding I know someone locally, Hailsham in East Sussex, who can do this but there has to be someone nearer to you who is competent.

Tom Gaynor

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Kickstart cover

Having never seen a Vincent kickstart cover before, I was unaware that my cover had had the bottom corner c/w cushioning device, broken off, and that "the corner" on the cover I had was in fact painted fibreglass (it's a Shadow) sans cushion, not painted ally avec cushion. I have to say that one never misses what one never had: I rode it that way for two or three years and never felt the want of it.
However Trevor Southwell pointed out to me that it WAS missing, and repaired it, and did some other work, all for a moderate sum. If he can't do it for you, he can certainly tell you what is involved.



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KS Cover Repair

I can machine the alloy, weld it in and shape to profile. Only down side is that I'm on the other side of the world in Australia.
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