Kemp breather tube

jim wilson

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how long must the tube/hose leaving the kemp breather be? where can i cut it and hide the far end??
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Comet Rider

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Elephants trunk

Hi Jim,

I hope youre well.

With regard to the hose routing from the elephants trunk breather, you need a long upwards run of at least 12" on exiting the breather body, then you have the preference of having it loop back down again, so that any vapor can drip onto your nice clean driveway:D or run it backwards under the tank, at cut the end, just by the rear of the UFM, which gives you a point to fix the pipe.:cool:

On my Comet I run it a little further back as my rear sub frame had some nice mounting points.



As a nice cosmetic mod I have had a #10 AN fitting tig welded onto the elephants trunk housing, which means you can used s/steel braided hose, which looks much nicer than the large black rubber hose;)