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Just changed a throttle cable


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Last time out, a mile from home the Egli went onto onecylinder about a mile from home. I’d only been pottering for a change, andthere were no bad noises etc so I nursed it home on one, and put it in thegarage.

OnSaturday I set to on what I thought was an ignition problem – maybe my 1980sChampion N9YCs had finally given up.

After checking plugs and leads I realised it couldn’t beignition, because everything else is common to both plugs, so it was easy tospot the front carb slide wasn’t moving, and I had a spare throttle cable soeverything was hunky dorey……………………………….

Apart from, while Iwas checking the coil I noticed the alternator earth wire had broken. Runningthe engine showed there was too much play in the pivot and it had been movingbackwards and forwards and fractured the connection. So I removed thealternator and sleeved the pivot.

Then while refitting the alternator, I broke the breather,so I had to order a new one on ebay.

Then I thought, while the tank’s off I’ll re-route thecables that look untidy. Best route for the decompressor cables was through thehole where the main beam warning lamp was fitted, so then I’d got no warninglamp. Fortunately I’d got a couple of new warning lights ready for when I tidythe wiring this winter.

Main beam warning was easy after drilling a couple of holesin the speedo cowl. When I tried to wire the indicator warning light Idiscovered the flasher relay hadn’t got an indicator light connection.

When I finally packed up and went back in the house, my wifesaid “What have you been up to all day?” …………..”Just changed a throttle cable.”




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Dear Howard,
Your story describes perfectly an everyday occurrence for me. When asked "How have you got on in the garage" I have to stop and think what I've actually achieved in the hours I've been out there. On analysis it often amounts to what on the face of it seems very little.
Working on the bike in the garage is a true black hole of time, hungrily sucking in as many hours as you throw at it.
On the bright side we may be time poor but experience happy.:)
How can you be bored when you have a shed/garage/workshop and a bike (preferably a Vincent) to tinker with?
When I finally packed up and went back in the house, my wife said “What have you been up to all day?” …………..”Just changed a throttle cable.”



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Howard, what breather are you using?

It's a Howard Special. The part that broke is off a Ford Escort.

I use a D type cap on the rear exhaust rocker cap. Big tube goes round to the escort part I think it's called a PSV (or simillar initials) which is like a small cyclone to drop the oil vapour out. From there a large bore pipe goes to the rear number plate via a non-return valve. The small connection on the bottom of the PSV is piped back to where the valve lifter should be connected (I've got decompressors) so the PSV doesn't act like a catch tank.

There's probably all sorts of reasons why I shouldn't do this in the many breather threads here, but the engine doesn't drip when it's parked, and oil doesn't come out of the end of the pipe.

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