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Could Anybody Advise Me On Tyre Pressures - We Are Travelling Two Up On A 52 Comet. The Front Tyre Is 350s19 Avon Speedmaster And The Rear Isavon Sm Mk. 11 400s18
P.s. I Am Not The Lightest Person In The World

Thanks For Any Advice



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Hi Mick..i run my Comet on TT100 410x19 rear and Road Runner 360x19 Front on 27/30lbs each.I found that if i used the old pressures stated in the books the tyres felt flat.We were out on the bike at the weekend and 2 up we go about 24 stone and the bike handled really well,even in the rain we had.Goes even better when I'm not getting prodded in the back by the boss..John

ray vinmad

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I run a 3x21 Speedmaster on the front & 3.5x19 SM on the back.
Front about 35psi, back 30 psi solo / 34 or more two up with luggage.
Modern tyres, even in the `older' styles do seem to prefer higher pressures.
See you there

Tom Gaynor

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Tyre pressures

I don't argue with the advice given, but what F1 tyre technicians do is check the tyre temperature. I do that when racing. So take the bike up the road as you intend to use it, and after ten minutes, stop, and put your hand on the tyres. If they're cold, they're too hard. If the rubber sticks to your hand, they're too soft. Somewhere nearer hot than cold, they're right. I routinely do this when towing a van trailer with a double axle. Including the car, that's eight tyres. I can check that they're all about right in 30 seconds just be putting my hand on them.
For the record, I run my twin, solo, about 26 to 28 front, about 28-30 rear. If it's cold, or wet (which cools the tyres) I might go even softer.