John Renwick — Sidecar Record


Graham Smith

I'm not sure of the details, but I'm led to believe that John has set an AMA Sidecar record at BUB 2008.

Congratulations to John and the whole of the team!


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I think the average was about 153 for both ways.


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Hi all. We was there! A great event and experience. Good to see John take a record, especially as it was their the first time on the salt. Nice to meet so many old friends and put new faces to names. Terry Prince was so near to getting a record but could not make the return run, and I believe Max had problems with the liner and sidecar. We had to leave early but that is as far as I know. It was great seeing three Vincent `outfits` trying for different sidecar records and from three different countries. Thanks to all for a very interesting experience.:D:D:D

Eddie Saxton

John Renwick's Record

My notes say he did 157mph. Record was for 1000cc V-twin vintage liner Class. Hope this is correct.