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jobs that need doing


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was going to the spares company open day but as ive just spent a week in germany was a bit undecided .
instead i changed my front tyre,
that leaded to the brake linings on the rivets changing.
a bit of rust on the ends of the bramptons sort that out with a bit of paint.
tried to fit those ally brake plates i bought at a rally won,t fit on me bramptons need some material removeall
,so clean ones on bike up.
[ electron??or is it magnesium .]
out with the paintbrush.that looks better.
now what about that front wheel from mr chapman.
out with the masking tape lets make an attempt on that black and red paint job in the middle of it.
not concours but its only a bike to be used.
thats enough for today off to the pub for a pint and catch up on the local gossip yes it does still happen.
not looking forward to the olimpics as it will totally mess up all the roads etc as i live quite close time willl tell.
if im behind you at a ride out i might stop when you do but then again????


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At the 1905 Olympics they had some additional races for cars motorcycles and boats, since then they have ignored motor sports. I intend to return the compliment as I have done since Helsinki.
I will keep an eye for the main event times as thats when the roads all over the country will be empty (Roll on the next world cup for a re-run)
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