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It's rumored the Philip Vincent changed the name of his company from HRD to Vincent after visiting the U.S. and finding people confused our favorite ride with those V twins manufactured in the Mid-West. Well that just might be a fact and not a slogan, to paraphrase the. Jerry Romano, a member of the Motor City Section of the VOC, bought a photo copy of the title he had to return to the Michigan Secretary of State for correction. Jerry recently acquired a 1949 HRD. When he filled out the application for title to put the bike in his name, under the heading of make Jerry wrote in HRD. Doing him a favor the Secretary of State spelled out the full name of the manufacturer for him....Har Davidson. Jerry says he was a little upset when he opened the title when it arrived at his house and he saw what they had done as it meant a trip back to the SOS office and explain their mistake to them and prove it was their fault. They did allow Jerry to make a copy of the incorrect title. Jerry allowed me to take photo of the title and share it on the forum as long as I promised to redact his address and the last four of the number. As you can see from the number I've left it is a definitely a HRD/Vincent number belonging to a Shadow.

redac title 1.jpg