isle of man lap.


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hi all.
first thanks to all the people who came to my assistance on the hever ride out.
i called in to my local hospital fearing the worst news on my leg mostley the ankle but the doctor said he did not think it was broken but sent me for an x ray to be sure.
and gave me the best news it was all ok,badly pulled muscles? etc.

when all you lads go on your lap of the island please take care as you will be going round with people whose riding ways are not what you mabye use to in general.
this is not me having a go at anyone it just happened and i was the poor bugger that copped it.
please remember all our bikes are different set ups some have discs and stop quicker etc,so give yourselves plenty of room for the unexpected and dont bunch up to close especialy on slower corners [this was my downfall or should i say fall down,but at least i can say i done a high side?] painfull though.
have a good rally.


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Glad to hear you're ok.Good advice though on riding ability and style..As the governor of the Isle of Man says,'only ride to the level of you're own ability' If you ride to a racers ability and you're not a racer then accidents will be caused.
Having said that i will need to ride like a maniac if I am to get near the 'expected duration of the parade lap.35 minutes' on a Comet.I'm not that mad! or am I?


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maybe I can pass someone after all then,although i was looking at the ACU site at the ROAD RACE regulations which seem more like the ones we should be reading (instead of the national sporting code) and marshalled parades should not exceed 60Mph so is it worth taking the lightning?

ray vinmad

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Hi Ossie,
so pleased that the leg isn't as bad as it might have been. At least you have been practising hobbling around with that leg from your previous problem.

Hopefully we will take heed of the advice.

See you at the Pie & Pint?

Ray V