iOS and Android Devices


Graham Smith

If you're accessing this forum with an iOS (Apple) or Android device, and you previously purchased Tapatalk through your app store, then you probably noticed Tapatalk didn't work since the recent upgrade (or at least hadn't updated the content).

If you check now, you should find that Tapatalk should sync perfectly with the forum.

Please do let me know if you have any problems...


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I have not tried to use Tapatalk to reply but do occasionally use an Android device (Google Nexus 7, 2013) to catch up. The thing that I noticed was that several attempts to use Chrome to go to the Forum failed whereas it had remembered the link perfectly before. In the end I type in the whole link address fully and correctly and it now works fine. Keep trying chaps.

Comet Rider

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Hi Graham
I have tried multiple times today, but it will no longer recognise my user name and password when using Tapatalk



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It means that if any letters were in capitals when entered originally, they have to be caps every time you type them in.