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Introducing myself


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My name is Rick and I love in Toronto ON Canada and I'm new to the world of Vincent but not to Brit bikes.. Just thought I would pop in and introduce myself as I know how much help other owners can be when first getting into a new bike..

Here is the new toy.. 1951 Comet



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I'd better welcome you from England as well - you seem to have welcomes from all the outlying backwaters, including Wales.

Join the club (as already stated) it will change the Comet from a motorcycle to a way of life.


Apologies to the backwaters, apart from Wales ... I had a puncture there once and I've never forgiven them. ;o) ......... Where have the smiley faces gone?

I've just read this and it could be misread. No offence meant to anyone, just my sense of humour. What's more, now I'm editing I've got more smiley faces than Man United on a good dayh.
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Thanks for the Welcomes everyone!! I have joined the club and even ordered some parts but haven't quite figured out how to have the forum show me as a member.. I'm sure I'll figure it out.. Seems that this website has more moving parts than a Vincent.

I bought another bike at the same time as the Vincent.. a 36 Indian. Hope I don't get kicked out of the club for this one :)
The Vincent was bought to ride, the Indian as a display item.

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