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International Custom & Classic Show, Alexandra Palace 25-26 Feb 2012


VOC Assistant Secretary
VOC Member
A great show made more impressive than hitherto by the presence of some excellent machines, cars & bikes. More so by the presence of the North London Section stand, organised by Peter Biles.

On the sparsely furnished stand were some great bikes. First and foremost Brian Chapman and his record holding Mighty Mouse. Peter brought his splendid Rapide/Steib outfit. Dave Stovin presented his exquisite Rapide. Bernie Stovin brought his lovely green racing "Black Flash" Comet with its interesting history. Paul Langridge's immaculate Shadow turned many heads. Dan Morgan dropped off his Comet and then buggered off to ski in Italy. Ernie Lowinger rode in with his BBC "Top Gear" Shadow. Mark Warriner from Lincoln was also there but his Dad's Norvin was displayed elsewhere.

Great weekend, thanks everyone. Dave's rapide.jpgThe stand.jpg

I tried to upload a video but it failed with error 406, any help Graham?
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I am just guessing here that "buggered off" means the same in Australia as North London. Nothing at all to do with Oscar Wilde! Great report Ernie. That Top Gear Shadow will finance your nursing home deposit.......... in 30 years.

Alan J

Well Known and Active Forum Website User
VOC Member
I hope I've got 30 years left in me!! I've just started to help the U.K. out of recession by purchasing a brand new bike!-no not another Vincent!!-out of my price range, but a fairly British built twin in tasteful orange ! The last new Triumph I bought was a Tiger Cub in 1960! I've seen the "Steve McQueen" machine-but my wife says that is for "little men with ego problems" or words to that effect! I hope it makes me feel 20 years younger!

roy the mechanic

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VOC Member
My good freind "budd" -god bless him, reckoned "a ride on a good bike will make you feel 30 years younger", as he was about 85 at the time, I reckon he was right!
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