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John Cone

Well Known and Active Website User
VOC Member
Anybody out there who only insures a Black Prince? I received my renewal today from Peter James £385 is there any cheaper? perhaps i should drop my value.

peter holmes

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VOC Member
Whenever I have increased the insured value of my Vincent Rapide the premium has gone up proportionally, I suppose the question you need to ask yourself is whether you would be happy to receive the reduced pay out for your Black Prince in the event of a loss.


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VOC Member
On recommendation from the forum I changed to Hagerty and reduced my premium from about £340 to just over £200 for exactly the same cover. Give them a try.


Well Known and Active Website User
VOC Member
Yes, but there is a glitch with Hagerty; as a friend of mine found out yesterday. After a competitive quote was given for insuring his Rapide, the short version of the conversation went something like this: (H=Hagerty, F= Friend).
Great, I'll take it.
H: OK, what other vehicles do you have?
F: None.
H: What no car or other motorcycle?
F: That's right.
H: We can't insure you then.
F: Why not?
H: Because we assume the Rapide will be for "occasional use" only.
F: It is; I occasionally ride it to Vincent events and occasionally to the shops. Anyway, I read all your online small print and nowhere does it mention this.
H: (..long silence and keyboard clatter..) - It will say it in the documentation we send to you after you have paid and signed-up for insurance.
F: But you won't sell it to me!
H: That's right.
CRASH! (My friend slamming phone down!).

Don't you just love to hate Insurance Companies (along with politicians, lawyers, journalists, ...add your own...). :mad::rolleyes:

Peter B


Well Known and Active Website User
VOC Member
Not defending Hagerty. I do like them, had them for years, their main office is only 4 hours up the expressway from me. Anyway, I would blame the particular representative. When I first contacted them about insurance, the first thing they said to me was I must own a newer vehicle for daily use that is insured with another carrier. From their website.



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VOC Member
Hardly a problem I change the tin box insurance every year to get the best value any pleb company will do but I do read the small print
Hagerty are a good firm and cover me on the flash on the kop hill climb just wait till next year when the vnuk ship comes into dock!