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Insurance question


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I've just finished the rebuild on my series D and got it through the MOT. I insured it with Footman James. When their paperwork arrived, it requires a third party valuation otherwise the bike is only covered at "market value". I'm pretty sure the value I put on it is market value but I still need the bike looked at by someone who would sign the paperwork verifying the value. I don't know of anyone around here who does this(North Yorks) and am hoping someone on here may be able to advise me where to go.

I've posted some pics in Misc series D 2010 for those of us interested in Series D's. If you look at them, you will notice that it has a selection of earlier series features so I know it's not strictly correct but this was the way the previous owner had it and he owned it 41 yrs so I've put it back the way I got it. It's matching numbers and where possible to refurbish them, original parts and fasteners have been used.

Any help appreciated

Regards mac
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Alan J

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That is odd, Mac, I am insured with Footman James and to get agreed value insurance I had only to send them 3 different photos of my "outfit!


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If I remember correctly footman James will only accept a valuation, with photos only, up to £15000 without a valuation from a third party ie Vincent repairer or your section organiser..John

Alan J

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Re Footman James -mine is valued at more than 15 grand by the method I mentioned. On the subject of using a market value be careful! A chap in the A.J.S. club is having a bitter fight with Carol Nash over the written off value of his bike, it was written off and they only want to give him 500 quid! I know an old 500 single is not in the Vincent class, but this offer is an insult!
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