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Hydraulic workbench


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I'm looking at the various hydraulic workbenches available.Any help,recomendations,horror stories welcome to help me decide which one
I have already looked at a few and the type of front wheel clamp seems to vary some seem too small.Is scissor action better?


Sealey MC401

I looked into quite a few benches earlier this year. The majority seem to be 'Chinese'. I settled for a Sealey MC401 as I thought it would be easier to get spares in the future. When the Vinney is on the bench the rear stand sit's fine on the plate that can be withdrawn to remove the rear wheel.
I bought it from a company called Pro-parts in Peterborough. No one else at the time could match the price of £380 delivered.
If you can't find the number for Pro-Parts drop me a PM and I'll dig it out for you.


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My thoughts exactly when I saw it.Great idea for a small space but how easy is it to build a bike on it.There's one on Ebay going cheap at the moment.

Tom Gaynor

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Hydraulic bench

I have had an hydraulic bench for two or three years. I think it's a KD bench (but I could go and look). It cost about £400, has a wooden top (with a hatch cut in it), and a steel frame, lifted by a trolley jack to two positions. Right now the bench is "at rest" putting the wheels about 9" off the deck. First jacked height is about 18", max is about 2 foot. I screwed a metal plate to the top since one of my bikes has a centre stand that would put dents in tarmac. It has a front (or rear....) wheel clamp. I've never had cause to regret buying it.


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Many thanks for all the replies,especially the one about the kd bench.One of our members has decided to sell his yearold kd bench and I have struck a deal with him..John

Graham Smith

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Vince Farrell has sent in the following images showing the Eazy-Rizer in use with Vincent mountings.

Also used by Bob Dunn, Glyn Baxter, Ken Tidswell, Dick Perry and many others.
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