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Hon. Information Officer Over The Years

Originally called the Public Relations Officer, the Hon. Information Officer is responsible for the Club’s public relations, the flow of information into and out of the Club as well as within it. He/she deals with membership enquiries that arrive via publications or the Club’s website, and is responsible for the Club’s contacts with the motorcycling press and media.

He/she is responsible for the Club’s policy and involvement in external shows and events, and for the materials held by the Club for use in such shows. The Hon. Information Officer shall co-operate with the Hon. Treasurer in maintaining the Asset Register.

1. 1956-1959
Margaret Ward

2. 1960
Anne Emmerson

3. 1960-1962
Peter Gerrish

4. 1962-1964
Joe Daniels

5. 1965
Joe Craig

6. 1966
Brian Harding

7. 1967
Derek Peters

8. 1967-1970
Alan Mallinson

9. 1970-1972
Ron Kemp

10. 1972-1974
Pete Neasmith

11. 1974-1979
Doug Poulter

12. 1980-1984
Phil Primmer* Obituary

13. 1984-1985
Cyril Malem* Obituary I Obituary II

14. 1985-1993
Ian Savage

15. 1994-1997
Andy Davenport

16. 1997-2002
John Wilding* Obituary

17. 2003
Martin Warr

18. 2003-Date
Paul Adams

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