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Here it is in black and white


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Evidently the dear old DVLA have noticed the mistake they made in 2015 when they inadvertently allowed any 25year old vehicle go to a black and white number plate when the original historic cut off date for them was 1st Jan 1973 (I remember it well) when the yellow jobs came in. Anyway they have now moved the goal posts to 1st Jan 1980 which is apropos bugger all. so if there are any with owners with a post 1979 egli or a rebuild on black and white numbers the full force of the law will come down on you from 1st January as the police have nothing else on at the moment.

Pete Appleton

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I don't think that means they have solved anything at all. The MOT rules have never changed....

Registration plates may:
  • display white, grey or silver characters on a black background - only on motorcycles manufactured before 1 January 1977
Even though your old machine doesn't need an MOT test it must still be able to pass one.

As a number plate supplier I can sell you a black and silver number plate for your 1979 machine but as an MOT tester I will fail it if you happen to fit it!

Marvellous! I needed something else to do. Now I will spend my time trying to justify that to the public.
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