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Help with Steib suspension.


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Hi all. I have had an enquiry from the USA about making a Steib S500 suspension a bit harder as it dips on right handers.:eek: (chair on the left and bike lean in) This is the rubber band type of suspension and probably means it is worn out. Are new rubbers available or can it be modified.
Thanks DJ


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Steib S500

Hello, The motorrad Stemler is an excellent site.
On my S500 the wheel suspension is a rubber block on a short leading link.
I have always thought that this is superior to the S501 torsion bar, as they do tend to sit down on right handers. John.


Steib sidecar suspension

Steib only ever used three types of suspension on their models. In the early 1940's a short trailing or leading arm utilised a stout coil spring. This only lasted for a few years. The S500, S350 and LS200 used a three tier rubber block in compression on a short arm whilst the S250, TR500 and the S501 used a rubber in torsion bushing fitted transversly across the chassis. Problems with the first type is that the bonded on fixing plates on the top and bottom of the unit come adrift and the rubber block deforms, and with the rubber in torsion type generally the only problem is that at some time in it's life the chassis has been powder coated! The heat from this process kills the rubber. However, most S501 type chassis had fitted an auxillary damper to control the undamped rubber. A slim suspension unit from say a Honda CD 175 can be persuaded to fit in place of the damper thus restoring the firm ride. Also, if in good order, the rubber in torsion models should have the swing arm resting on the bottom bump stop. If it is not then the outfit will compress the unit upon rapid cornering away from the sidecar.
At this time I would like to remind members that I ran a sidecar business and was a Steib dealer for eighteen years, so please do not hesitate to ask for help as I retain an almighty amount of literature and pictures of this marque and many others.
Phil ET43 Primmer


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Nobby, John & Phil. Thanks for the info. I have not had a reply from the enquirer and hope he can get into the forum to see all of this, otherwise I will email him your answers. I also had a pm giving web sites in the US about Steibs and spares. Cheers, DJ
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