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Misc: Charging Systems Help with DVR2 wiring to miller dynamo


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Can anyone help with wiring a newly bought DVR2 reg to my miller Dynamo ,have read and seen instructions and diagram on Dynamoregulator Ltd. I am near finishing the bike,the wiring is 12v neg earth .the DVR2 is neg earth, below is the drawing on there site for miller dynamos ,so where do I connect?.DaveIMG_20190110_144252.jpgIMG_20190110_144252.jpgIMG_20190109_103829 (2).jpgIMG_20190109_103829 (2).jpgIMG_20190110_184416.jpgIMG_20190109_103829 (2).jpg

greg brillus

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The two terminals on the generator, the upper one with the black wire going to the left and to the left brush goes to the yellow or brown wire on your regulator, and the right lower terminal with the yellow wire goes to the green wire on the regulator. Most of these regulators have terminals/wires that are........ Field (usually a green wire) Amps, which goes to the ammeter (this could be red or similar) Dynamo ( Could be yellow or brown) and Earth (usually black). If you were to connect the two terminal together with a link wire, and hook these to the positive of the battery and the negative to the generator case, the generator should motor over and spin in the direction of rotation as per when it is being driven be the engine. If by chance it actually spun the wrong way, the easiest way to fix that is to simply swap over the two field wires, one goes to earth and the other to the "F" terminal post on the generator. Cheers and good luck...........Greg.