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HELP needed pre buying a VINCENT RAPIDE C


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I am new to the forum and UK is not my home country,I do apologize for my bad spelling,english is my secondary language.

I am in process of purchasing the Vincent motorcycle,I have done some reading in various internet websites,forums & vincent books,over the last year seen several Vincents ( during the wievings some Vincent owners helped me in the past,but none of the motorcycles I have seen were in good order in terms of originality and correct parts fitted)

I was currently offered a Vincent Rapide C 1st registered in 1952 ,registration number SFC 176 (by owned before by David Cram from Thetford,I believe David was and VOC member,maybe someone new him or has any information about this this bike,the bike numbers are :

Frame number front and rear RC10373/C
Engine number F10AB/1/8473
Crankcase mating numbers both sides ZZ38

This rapide is not standart specification,it is fitted with shadow ribbed brakes all round, 10 hole shadow rear hub,shadow clock.

Would really appreciate if anyone does have some information regarding this pecticular motorcycle located in the UK.

Thank you kindly


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The person who sells the motorcycle seems to be a dealer ( guys from from VOC spares confirmed to me what the gentleman who sells this motorcycle buys Vincent parts from them often)


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He certainly is a dealer! He's our "friend" from Southport - the one who was expelled from the VOC.
See here: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/VINCENT-R...0723663?pt=UK_Motorcycles&hash=item1e90f0decf

If its originality you are after you would wish to know of the following before you start haggling about money:

Wrong Rear Light.
Wrong Ammeter.
Wrong carburettors (but he has originals - condition?).
Wrong carb inlet stub(s).
Wrong front tyre/rim size.
Wrong dipswitch.
Wrong Petrol Taps.
Dave Hills Centre-Stand - nice - but not original.
Dome Nuts on Wheel Brake levers, seat bracket, Girdraulics, etc.
Wrong (Allen) Screws in all engine cases.
Jubilee clips each end of oil feed pipe (leaks?)
Wrong twist-grip.
Steel cable-tidy clips on h/bars (should be rubber)
Pattern H/bar levers fixed with allen screws.
Bantam gaiters on girdraulic springs.
Wrong Plug-Caps.
Non-std wiring loom.
6v or 12V?
Wrong Headlamp Rim.
Stupendous Price Tag!!!

Others will probably add to this list…..

"100% genuine Vincent just as it left the factory in 1952" - I DON"T THINK SO!!!

All that said - it's quite a nice looking bike on the outside - but the inside is anybody's guess!

Peter B
Bristol, UK.
STILL WANTED: Series 'A' Front Frame


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Thank you Peter B for the following information,I was given similar list of non matching items by another Vincent owner,I have spotted the 40% of mismatch myself and was not aware of the other replaced bits mentioned by you and the others.

I appreciate your response & information given.I have to do my research and learn more about the motorcycle.
I agree with your opinion regarding the price tag.

Thank you.


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Thank you for the link,I was not aware what VOC spares company is founded by club and they sell VOC members motorcycles on their behalf.

Would it be the best place for me to get in touch with them and wait for a genuine motorcycle to come along?

I do appologise for my lack of knowledge.

Len Matthews

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Prior to Dave Cram, this bike was owned by the late Colin Pavitt of Chelmsford who had many trouble free miles on it. Can't say what happen to it during Dave's ownership but surprised to see it land up in Southport.


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My brother bought a nice fairly standard 1948 Rapide for about £10,000 less than that 6 weeks ago.Not through a dealer.Reasonably priced Vincents are still out there..John

Rob H

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I would not expect to be able to buy one for £10k, that's got to be the bargain of the century !
There are many better buys out there other than the one on ebay and would agree in that the spares company would be a good place to start if you are not in a hurry.

Often Vincent's which are mechanically good have been well used by their owners who over the years were more interested in riding than maintaining originality hence many cycle parts were upgraded or replaced with modern components when worn out. Typically headlights, ammeters, tail lights, dip switches, control levers etc.

For a Series C these can still be found from time to time on ebay so would not bother too much about them if some are missing. Better to concentrate on getting a mechanically sound bike in my opinion. I have seen and heard of a few sparkling jewels which looked fantastic but required a lot of money spent if you actually wanted to ride them!