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Help needed in Dallas Texas


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Two of my friends from my town (in Australia) have been seriously injured in a motorcycle accident. They were on their first day of their holiday when their rented Harley got seriously cleaned up by a truck. They are in Parklands Memorial Hospital, Dallas. Neil has a major drama with a leg plus a broken shoulder and other "minor" breaks. Lesley has a fractured pelvis, other breaks and major bruising. If anyone is able or willing to visit them I would be truly grateful and so would they. Please send me a PM for more information if you are able to give them some comfort. If you can imagine they are 10,000 km from home, seriously injured, no family or friends and looking at months of rehab then you get an idea of why I am asking for help. Thank you guys and girls.


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Alyn - I sent you an email with some info, but in case others are interested I did get a phone call in to Neil just a while ago. As you describe, the injuries were major, but Lesley has been discharged after 4 weeks in the hospital. Neil is now on the mend, with maybe another week to stay before hauling back to the comforts of NSW. Their daughter has
arrived and is able to run errands. They have been highly impressed with other local help, but of course are disappointed their plans of touring through small towns in Texas did
not get a good start. They are already noodling on another visit perhaps =in two years' time. Neil will require medical followup in Australia, perhaps a bone graft.

Very sorry to hear about the accident. I plan to swing by there tomorrow and shake hands.

BTW, Parkland Hospital is the one where JFK was taken on the day of his assassination.

Bev Bowen
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