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PR: Proprietary Items Headlamp Bulbs

A Nut

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I have recently purchased some LED bulbs from Paul and have fitted one to my A Comet along with an LED pilot bulb. I already have one of his light boards which I have fitted to the rear lamp. I have not had a chance to go on an extended run but I don't think they will run that hot. I am pleased with the light pattern however as the LED I purchased years ago from another source gives a much poorer pattern. On dipped this earlier one comes on with reasonable light pattern but when switching to main beam the dipped stays on and the main beam points up into the trees! You can't, of course, alter one separate to the other but as I don' t use it much other than as a day time light I am reasonably happy with it. Brian


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Excellent article and I can confirm your findings on the featured BPF LED. I have ridden with this "bulb" at night and it is much brighter than any conventional bulb I tried. Bonus for low amp draw. Agreed about the lack of high/low beam differential.

Chris Launders

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In an effort to improve the headlight on my twin a few years ago I got a Halogen BPF bulb from from Paul but the filament spacing must have been wrong as if main beam was set right, dip was only just past the front wheel.
The reflector was a little battered so I fitted the reflector from a Honda CB250N with the Miller glass, this takes a P43T bulb and this gave a better light and beam pattern, Paul does an adaptor ring for this fitting to H4 so I bought one of these and tried 3 LED bulbs from a China, the first two were triangular when viewed from the front with LEDs on the three faces, 2 lit up for dip and all 3 for main but the dip beam cut off was too vague.
The third had 2 faces with LEDs on, one for dip and both for main and the beam pattern and dip cut off were excellent, great I thought, however I found the light too blue such that riding down a lane with dark tarmac and the sides in full leaf very little little showed up as the light was absorbed rather than reflected, conversely a reflective sign hundreds of yards away was so bright as to be blinding, so I have returned to conventional bulbs until I can find LED ones that are in a similar colour range to conventional bulbs.


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The Ebay seller cited in the article has bulbs with color temperature 3000K, pretty much the same as a filament bulb. These are hard to find, most being 4500 - 6000K. There are the dip issues noted, but he has a new style in some fitments (not BPF) that may resolve them.

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