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Harley - Vincent


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VOC Member
I remember those... Kinda' neat. They were a kit sold by a company in California (I think) called the "Classified Motor Company" There were a couple of small companies that made stuff like that. They'd make your Yamaha SR500 look like a Gold Star, or Matchless, etc.. 'couldn't make it run like a Goldie though.:rolleyes:
Cheers, John


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VOC Member
I think this bike is a lot of fun!

Remember the old saying : 'Imitation is the best form of flattery'.

Or put another way: 'A Referable Offish Tomtits Tomtit Yin'
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Tnecniv Edipar

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Non-VOC Member
Urrrgh !! Just goes to prove , there is more money than sense or good taste around !! Particularly with the Kings Road & West End set !! LOL !!

Black Flash

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VOC Member
what a nonsense, just a Vincent shape seat and a tank which is similar for the non expert.
Forget about it! it will always be a hardly drivable

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