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I m new here at the forum!
My name is Oliver, I m from Tokyo, Japan.
How much does a Vincent Rapide C build or first registered in '55(?)
I ve attached some pics.
Thank You very much for the answers!



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Hello Oliver

Welcome to the VOC Forum The value of the bike is very difficult to decide from the photographs. There are some parts missing, like the magneto cover and the rear sprocket seems to be for a sidecar so a lot depends upon the mechanical condition which cannot be determined from photographs. If it is mechanically sound then it could be worth £25,000, or even more at some auctions. Alternatively if it is worn out and is only suitable for a total rebuild then I would suggest that only about half of that price would be sensible. Some bikes are currently selling for silly prices but it can cost £10,000 to do a really good rebuild on something that is totally worn out.

If you can find an expert locally get them to look at the bike first. There are at least two Vincent experts in Japan as far as I know.

Good luck

david bowen

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Oliver welcome from Australia the the rapide in the picture I think would have been built in 1954 over here would be about $Aus.40000 you can say to get to first class order restored engine rebuild, paint. tyres, and parts,and labour to do the job $Aus 18000 the hard thing is to get somebody to do this work David.