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H: Hubs, Wheels and Tyres H8AS Brake shoe relining


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20210722_H8ASWornShoes.jpgI require renewed brake shoes as soon as possible.
Rivets cause squealing when worn to that point.
I am happy with H8AS shoes for the moderate riding around here.
No one seems to have these in inventory, Norman has responded with some shoes in work.

Is it practical for a home shop to reline these, certainly i have done vintage car brakes using a friends rivet machine 30 years ago.
Is there an informative article written in the last 5 years or less?
What friction material do you use?
From who do you purchase fiction material and rivets?
Maybe glue is better, same questions.

Maybe VOC spares is my best answer, but i would have to ship from USA.
Does VOC reline and return your shoes or are you issued someone elses cores.
Are they arced to proper drum size?
Priced per shoe or per pair?


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Most new brake lining must be cured to reach full stopping power potential. If you purchase loose linings you may have to cure them in your oven. Adherence to the curing procedure will determine how well they work for you. It can be done at home.

Adhesive technology has advanced a bit in the last three decades and the brake folks prefer to rivet and bond the brakes if you say the word "racing." Modern race linings may need to be warmed up to a thousand degrees to get the highest Mu. I have the lining bonded only because the Vincent brakes do not get hot (compared to modern racing brakes running at 2000 degrees).

AM4 is made with asbestos and installing will affect your ability to travel to other countries, your resale value, and possibly your health.

AM4 is a pretty poor performer compared to most modern linings.

GGW (Green Gripper Woven) can be installed in the US by sending shoes to:

They have done shoes for many Vincent owners. I believe that Saftek in the UK was the largest supplier of GGW in the UK.

Just as an aside, the original Vincent brake shoes are not up to the job.



  • Brake Linings for Vincents.pdf
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I called Chris at Industrial Brake and Clutch in Florida. I asked about his friction material and he said GGW, I asked about turnaround and he a couple days. I boxed up four Vincent brake shoes with riveted lining still on as Chris requested. Shipped last Tuesday 7/27, arrived Florida last Friday 7/30.

These are two of the four I shipped.

Chris called this noon 8/3 and said shoes were finished. I gave payment info and Chris said they would ship 8/4. My bill with tax, shipping was $209.

I will post what arrives, i am excited about quick turnaround.

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A pitty not to have welded them 2 big dents near the cam side, and have the lining over it, would have given more stopping power.
Sorry for the to late info.

Welding up the dips will usually not give you more stopping power. Using higher friction lining will give you more stopping power. Using Norman's shoes or Neal Videans's shoes will give you more stopping power because they are stronger. Using Vincent Speet's brakes will give you more stopping power. Using Black Flashes brakes will give you more stopping power.

Not worrying about the dips is OK, but the stock shoes are too weak to perform at a high level.



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Received the relined Vincent brake shoes from Industrial brake and clutch.
They appear bead blasted with new GGW lining.

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I have sung the praises of Saftek from Cleckheaton (the home of Panther) before how about this:
Took the shoes out of the preunit Triumph note: they have a long cast arm on the brake plate so I had to specify the thickness I need as I cant turn it on my lathe easily
Took it to my local rural post office late afternoon Tuesday
They rang me just now thursday morning for £35 job done!

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