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ET: Engine (Twin) Grosset Electric Starter Installation


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Kerry, is the motor actually turning over or is it just the starter motor? Check the nylon gear isn't stripped or the shear pin isn't broken.. Always use the valve lifter when engine is cold to start and NEVER use a kill switch to stop. I have found some shear pins are a bit too thick, they need to be a light push fit and nothing more.
I think mine is steel?


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I recently bought a Prince with the Grosset fitted, works well but I am trying to kick start mostly, however where can I buy a spare shear pin ? and, if required is it easy to fit ? Also, would it not be sensible to use the valve lifter or should I not ? thanks.
Might be a daft question but why are you mostly kicking when you have an electric start?

Kevin Emery

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Hello Bananaman

You are quite right. Error on my part. You should know I bought my Alton generator off you. I meant BTH Magneto.

Setting up a second battery in parallel should not make any difference as the magneto is not connected to the battery. However, it would help to diagnose the problem. So I will do that and report back.

My battery is the one that is recommended. It seems to have lots of power. I would like to do more diagnosis before I change the battery.

I will do the diagnosis and report back.



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Or steel for a lathe easy chipping.
Dont know how you call it
We say automatic steel...

Certainly not carbon over 0.25%
Let alone silversteel.
Although its a perfect fit....
I have made ALL the shear pins for the starters from 4mm silver steel. The groove diameter was determined by a load of testing by François on the hills into St Malo. Anyone who alters that spec. could have fatal problems develop in other areas, and I`m the poor sod who has to fix them.

Vincent Brake

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So here we go the shearpin steel is better axle steel.

So it is,
all is possible.
Will be


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