Grinding clutch letter in VOC magazine


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Hi Stan Butcher says his clutch makes a grinding noise and no doubt he has found the problem by now.
However I would suspect that the noise is due to the aluminium pressure plate with springs being pushed onto the primary chaincase when the clutch is operated. Check this by pulling in the clutch with the gears in neutral and kicking the bike over to spin the clutch if it is what I think then you will get the grinding noise.

There are several things which may cause this

Screws which hold the clutch inspection plate are too long.

New clutch plates are too thick an push the pressure plate out too far

The nut on the end of the main shaft which holds the kick start ratchet on has come loose an lets the mainshaft and clutch move inwards. You will need to take the outer casing of the gearbox off to check this. When you put it back take the toothed segment out in order to be able to line up the marks with the selector shaft before replacing the cover. Also when you do so make sure the slot in the pushrod spacer lines up with the lever for the cable and hold the kick start against its spring as you replace the casing

Best of luck