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Misc: Everything Else Grey Flash Replica

Bill Thomas

Well Known and Active Website User
VOC Member
I would see how you get on with the 10TT9, I ran my L/ning on the road for some time and was pleased.
It was only after they messed with the petrol, That I had trouble, What was needed was a weaker slide, As I have had to do with other carb's, On my Bikes.
Wish I had not sold them.
Yours being a single, Would be much more easy to ride with.
Plan B, For me would be a Mk2 Amal 30mm.
Cheers Bill.


Well Known and Active Website User
VOC Member
The Flash usually came with a 10TT9 32 mm carb. I have never run it on the street, but it is a nice carb to run. I have seen them with an idle screw installed, but I have wondered if you could get away with adjusting the slide cable adjusted a little tight or drilling a hole in the back of the slide. One or the other might be just enough to make it useful on the street.


Robert Watson

Well Known and Active Website User
VOC Member
I have a 10TT9 1 5/32 on the TTR. It has an "upside down threaded nail" coming up from under the slide and through a threaded hole in the cap with a lock nut. A bit fiddly to adjust but will sit and idle all day long with a 12:1 piston. I drove it a few miles on public roads in Montana and whilst it has other issues (the carb that is) I could see it would be quite civilized to drive on the street, well except for the noise!


Well Known and Active Website User
VOC Member
Ron Kemp did the lands end trial with the same TT he raced with just a 1/4 X1/4 hole in bottom back of slide for tickover