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Misc: Everything Else Grey Flash Replica


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Hi everybody,
As you know, from 1949 to 1950 in seven months, Vincent HRD manufactured and sold 31 Grey Flash. 3 equipped for the road and the other 28 for the track. Of the 3 "roads", 2 were reconfigured for the track. There was one left that Patrick Godet found in Belgium. The motorcycle has been restored (or is in the process of being restored) and sold to a French citizen living in Florida. At the beginning of the 1980s, Patrick made 7 replicas of Grey Flash and he had returned a spare one. He had to restore it for a Swiss member of the club who gave up the idea. In early 2018, I found an agreement with Patrick to complete the project and rebuild the bike copied to the original still in the workshop. My Grey Flash is almost finished and will be delivered late February early March for the season.


I am impatient.


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I keep thinking about putting my Flash replica on the road more, it is registered it has a road kit quickly fitted of a rear number plate/reflector and bulb horn ( it has a bicycle speedo and a restricted 105Db race silencer already fitted) and I do take it out on circular runs with a roller starter at home and a good wife and van on the mobile. Otherwise I use it in parades and runs like KOP hill
I have a number of fifties Albion boxes with kick starts I suppose its just a case of fitting all the kickstart gubbins and a road front cover and hoping it misses the correct reset gearchange I would not worry about lights
Hmmm another job on the list I already have an Egli Comet to run in. here it is in road trim a year or so ago