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Goodwood Revival


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VOC Member
Has anyone here been before?

The reason I ask is; My university Race team have been offered a place at this years Goodwood revival. We will be competing in an Elva.

This will be my first time at goodwood. So would like to ask anyone here who as been, what to expect? and any advice hints or tips they would recommend.

The dress code, I understand that it is 'the done thing', for teams to arrive in suitable period clothing. Therefore does anyone have any suggestions as what that would be for a mechanic? It is years '49 to '66 which are ones I did not live though so have absolutely no idea.

will I also need a period suit? or should I just see if I can pinch some of my dads old bike coat and boots?

I would like to say I will be arriving on a bike of that age group. however due to insurance costs for the under 21 year old, I will not be on a Vincent this year. :(

Finally will any Vincent owners be there this year?


roy the mechanic

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This event is unmissable! People have spent thousands just to be there. Be careful on the circuit, most drivers are "hooray henries" and do not consider damage to the cars to be important, unlike their owners. Dress is very much part of the meeting. pit crews usually wear white overalls, if cold a sports jacket + "rat catchers" cap-ala Fred Dibnah! Go to a charity shop for period looking clobber. You will also need a dinner jacket for the banquet. Look at the goodwood site for pics of suitable attire. Enjoy.


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Anyone going this weekend?
If so make sure you come along on a bike. I will be there with a classic car race team called O.U.M.F. it is my university classic car club we will be racing a red Elva in the fordwater trophie on sunday please come past and say hello.
Likewise if anyone on here is racing or showing, please let me know and i would love to come and say hello.

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