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Glorious Sunday

Marcus Bowden

Well Known and Active Website User
VOC Member
Our Sunday has been glorious starting with a wonderful sunrise and the rest of the day cloudless flat sea with an offshore light breeze.


Marcus Bowden

Well Known and Active Website User
VOC Member
Norman my handsome, That is a stainless steel companionway from a milk processing plant at Davidstow airfield. I bought three short and one long. £500 the lot with stanchions and 2" rail piping for each, the long one I'm intending to place at the far gable end of the bungalow as an emergency exit as the attic has a nine-person sleeping capacity with access on a very tight spiral staircase at the near gable end, Bought them four years ago but now, no longer have the strength so must wait till I get more kids around.
Most people downsize when older. Wrong thing to do as the kids go but keep returning with spouses and then grand-kids so one has to house them ALL and when you live in a fantastic location as I do they keep returning.
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Well Known and Active Website User
VOC Member
Well Marcus our Sunday was cold windy and dull. But then when we visited you a week or so ago we left basked in sunlight and met a downpour in Plymouth.
All in all after thirty odd years of visiting Cornwall every Easter on Good Friday night and spending Saturday in the environs on a Trials bike (Lands End Trial) I think overall I prefer the weather in East Anglia I certainly get a lot more dry rides :) I lose count of the times I look at the TV weather and say "Marcus is getting wet again"

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