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FF: Forks Girdraulic Springs

brian gains

Well Known and Active Website User
VOC Member
After comments that the forks on the Comet were very much on the stiff side and having seen Mike T's strip down ofthe spring cases I thought I'd better see what's what.
Both sides have both inner and outer springs with 16" outers (not 15 1/2), VOC Spares list 'C' and 'D' springs but no mention of the 14" springs, either hard or soft, for the Comet that Mike T referred to.
Unfortunately the Technical Database is down so no info available from there. Is the 14" a well known mod, if so what rating am I looking for or do I just run the 16" springs without the inner spring. Cut down or space out the spring as required to obtain the lower link parallel with pavement as mentioned in several posts, or bin the springs altogether because a PO bunged in whatever was available?.


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VOC Member
You do not need the inner springs on a Comet. First step would be to remove those and then try again. If it is too soggy then it might need some packing or new springs. The lower link parallel with the pavement is a requirement for the JE steering stem mod and seems to have been used on works racing bikes in the early fifties. The fitting of short stiff springs as used by David Dunphy gives the correct geometry at the expense of a stiffer front end. For optimum comfort and safety the JR conversion with new longer. softer spring is the answer, ideally with a modified lower link with ball races at the rear rather than the Oilite bushes. The new steering stem would be £340 the new springs £30 and the lower link mod costs £100. Try the zero cost option first of removing the inner springs.

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