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Girdraulic Design Fault

Vic Youel

Well Known and Active Website User
Non-VOC Member
The front H25/2AS spindles on my two Vincent series C's use standard 1/2 inch BSF nuts (part number 507) with standard A/F of 0.825 inches.

There appears to be too much clearance between the "flat" of the nut and the recessed "ledge" at the bottom of the right hand side of the girdraulic blade. This has caused quite an indentation in the "ledge" of both blades. Perhaps this has been caused over the last 58 years by enthusiastic over-tighnening. It appears to be a minor design fault.

Does anyone know whether this apparent fault has been corrected by the VOC drawings project and therefore for the new girdraulic blades being manufactured by the VOC spares company?



Arthur Farrow

Active Website User
VOC Member
No complaints about the new forks so far!!

Maybe yours have been filed in the past. My originals are OK.

Arthur Farrow
VOC Drawings Manager

Tom Gaynor

Well Known and Active Website User
VOC Member

Mine (1951) are OK too - in fact i have to be careful to align the nut before tightening to avoid indenting the blade. Maybe a previous owner didn't? Plenty people spread the RFM because they didn't realise the rear spindle nut was prevented from rotating.......

Vic Youel

Well Known and Active Website User
Non-VOC Member
Another member of the forum drew my attention to the picture on the forum showing a particularly bad case. Have a look at

C:\Documents and Settings\default\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5\577CS81C\Rear brake levers on the front gives you extra leverage - The Vincent H.R.D. Owners Club Photo Gallery.html

The blade looks as though the edge has been filed or the nut has the wrong dimension. Neither of my bikes are as bad as this one and there is a definite danger of the spindle working loose in this particular case.


Graham Smith

VOC Hon. Editor
VOC Member
VOC Forum Administrator
VOC Forum Moderator
Vic - that address you posted is not directed towards the VOC forum - it's an address that's local on your PC.


Well Known and Active Website User
VOC Member
Wheel spindle nut

Hi Vic.
The original nut may be larger than the one used. To make sure this nut is locked, get a piece of plate (stainless?) the correct thickness, drill to the spindle size and bend over an ear in the vice to match the nut.

When in place, the nut cannot be turned and only the spindle can be used again. Best to be safe. :D
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