Gear change mechanism

Bill Cannon

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Hi all, I mentioned in another post that on the first ride after many years my Egli had a very poor gearchange, over selecting from first straight into 3rd.
In my attempts to rectifly it, I decided that the Lever stop G49 looked a bit bashed up so I decided to replace it.
The new one turned up this morning, but I discovered several differences between this and the existing.
Firstly, the material thickness is greater, 0.895" compared to 0.875".
Secondly, the front mounting slot did not align with the thread in G50.
Thirdly, that same slotted hole had a raised boss compared to the existing flat one.
Two and three are easily rectified with a bit of filing.
The first poses a problem. The shank of G57, the eccentric adjuster is too short at 0.825" for either the existing or the new G49.
Does any one know the correct length for this shank? it seems to me that it should equal the thickness of G49 so that it just nips up as the bolt is fully tightened.

Vincent Brake

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to adjust precisly i have drilled a hole M5 to be able to adjust for both sides, not overshifting.

but now and then it still does