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G50 plate-relieving to clear ET168?


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Hi All, about to embark on the re-assembly of my `C` Shadow motor I have come across a slight clearence problem at the top of the G50 plate.The valve lifter tube ET168 will not sit squarely down on ET169 as it fouls the corner of the g50 plate.Not exactly an End Of The World scenario but I am puzzled as to why....Judicious use of a file will sort it, but the plate is, I think, original and bears no witness marks that would correspond to a clearence issue before. I should point out the bike is a basket case and came with ET169 in situ,(and G50)along withET165AS, but no trace of the original ET168/ET172. I have therefore obtained a nice new 168/169 modded for a seal from Maughans. This may be slightly larger O/D than the original, but not by much.Anyone any thoughts on this-are some g50`s relieved to accomodate? the plate appears to be aligned OK and all holes line up..... anyone else had the same issue with modded lifter seals?, Cheers, Bob.


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Hi all,its a bit sad when you have to reply to your own post !! Bit er,like my last birthday card-Ahem!

Bob C.
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