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G22 felt cup


Active Forum Website User
VOC Member
Can someone help with the location of the G22 felt cup? I assume it goes over the end of the output shaft, up against the sprocket, and with the nut over the top of it. Problem is, the hole in G22 is 30mm and it would have to be 32mm to fit over the splines. Do I misunderstand something here?, it's how it looks on the parts diagram. I'm inclined to bore it out to fit, but ..............
Thanks, Terry.

greg brillus

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VOC Member
It should be a neat sliding fit over the splined shaft with as little play as possible. Open the hole in the centre up to suit ( don't normally have to do this, but.....) put a smear of sealant behind it first and do up the G23 nut as tight as you can with a descent bar and socket and punchlock the nut in a couple of places.....jobs done....

chankly bore

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There is now a locking tab available to stop people punch locking nuts. Part no. g23/1 I think, but don't quote me. See the VOC spares website
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