G2 Gearbox Cover (Twin) - Repair Scheme


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Hi All,

I have a G2 Gearbox Cover ("Manhole Cover") with stripped threads where the steel ring (MO32 - G45) screws in to locate the bearing properly and support the G24 seal. Being one who much prefers to reclaim an original part rather than buy a new one, my original thought was to build-up the threaded area with alloy weld, then machine back and cut the thread as appropriate. However, I then started to worry about distortion so decided I'd be better off machining-out the remains of the thread - and some - then making an internally-threaded alloy ring to press-in so bringing it all back to standard.

Before I start, does anyone have any thoughts on this, tips, or other ideas?

Peter B
Bristol, UK.

Hmmm, must manufacture and replace the damaged gear in the headstock of the lathe before I do anything else... life for the retired is just SO busy...


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I had the same problem last week, and I cut a new bigger thread in the cover, and made also a bigger lockring. DSC00457.jpgIMG_0649.jpgIMG_0650.jpgIMG_0653.jpg


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G2 Repair


A simple and effective solution! Thanks for sharing and taking photos too.
And some quality work there too....

Regards, Peter

Robert Watson

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Peter. I have had one on the shelf for about 10 years awaiting me to tackle it, now I think it might come to the "current jobs" pile, If " life for the retired wasn't just SO busy... "